February 20, 2024

The inspiration for the CREW Royalty® Apparel line comes from Ceia White’s self published novel title The CREW. The clothing line intends on raising your self esteem and will embrace confidence, ambition, drive, and swag. As well as restore the family crest, and the value of family.

“The CREW Royalty® is the hottest new apparel line to hit the streets and it’s layered with style, fashion, and confidence. Be one of the first to cop and sport the new look of the future. The CREW Royalty is committed to raising the bar in what you wear on your body. “The CREW Royalty is you, The CREW Royalty is free, and The CREW Royalty is what you wanna rock any day of the week. “Look GOOD in the CREW Royalty® T.” Ceia White

The LOGO represents: True Value, Kings and Queens, Initiative, Fire, Balance, and Justice”-http://www.thecrewisroyalty.com/

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