April 13, 2024


“You are personally invited to the Origin Nile Entertainment’s Fundraiser for Big Cat, The Earl Lloyd story. Earl Lloyd is the first African American to play in the NBA, also the first to be named Assistant Coach and the first to win a NBA championship. Big Cat, The Earl Lloyd story is a documentary about the trials and ultimate triumph of an amazing man in our history. His story is often overlooked because at the time, Baseball was America’s favorite past time and Jackie Robinson broke the color lines in that sport. We would like to see Mr. Lloyd receive the same respect and notoriety for his accomplishments. Mr. Lloyd is still with us today and it is an honor to have first person account in this documentary. Come dine with us and learn more about this great man. If you cannot attend but believe in our cause, please visit the Earl Lloyd page on our website to donate.”-www.originnile.com

Saturday Febuary 12th 5p.m.-10p.m.
Johnny Cakes
323 Walker Street
Atlanta Ga 30312

for info 770-981-4161

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