July 17, 2024

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“Glancing upon the starry sky of Long Beach, Ca Rashondra Angelle reminisces about her childhood days. Since the tender age of nine she has been utilizing her vocal prowess to express herself. Contemplating about after school evenings she spent isolated, singing in her room she states, “I would come home from school, go in my room, and sing the night away.”

Presently, it seems as though her secluded rehearsals are paying off. Rashondra is currently working on her debut EP which she describes as a “musical narrative” She fuses R&B, spoken word and hip-hop in order to express lessons learned in life. Her soulful magnetic voice, entwined with hard hitting tracks, creates her captivating style. Not only, is her music sonically appealing, it is also socially conscious. With songs such as “Treacherous Life” and “Be You, ” Rashondra is able to tell stories about the perils of minorities and improving self confidence. “My music deals with relationships from the most sensual to the more social,” she states passionately. The more sensual and gentle side seems to be expressed in songs “Losing My Mind” and “Get It Tonight,” in which Rashondra sings about breaking up then making up. Her influences range from Janet Jackson and Lauryn Hill to Jill Scott and India Arie, so it’s understandable that her sound embodies various facets of humanity.

Rashondra is no stranger to the L.A. music scene. She has been frequenting local “hot spots” serenading the masses live with her sultry sound. Performing oldie classics such as Anita Bakers’ “Angel” makes her popular among soul music lovers. She is able to captivate audiences not only with her powerful voice, but also with her fierce ‘fro. When this Long Beach songstress isn’t serenading the streets or working in the studio, she is immersed in her other passion, teaching. Rashondra is an English teacher that is dedicated to empowering urban youth. “I understand how important education is, and I instill that in my students.” Rashondra Angelle is an all around positive force ready to take the world on with her grace. She is an artist that is sure to create a familiar yet, fresh feeling for everyone. “-http://www.rashondraangelle.com/

On August 16th she will be performing 14th Rashandra Angelle will be performing at the http://happilynaturalday.com/ in Atlanta, Ga.

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