February 21, 2024

Make sure you visit http://www.thesweetpeach.com/ for the best in homemade desserts. With a variety of desserts from Sweet Peach cobbler to Red velvet cupcakes you will be able to find a flavor you like.
Individual Sizes
1/2 Dozen $30
1 Dozen $60
Family Sizes $40

* Granny Adam’s SP Pie* – The lightest, tastiest Sweet Potato pie you’ve ever tasted. Can you guess the secret ingredient?

* Sweet Peach Cobbler – A sweet fruit cobbler filled with tender peaches, dumplings, and a touch of cinnamon.

* Mama Webb’s 7up Cake – Moist lemony bundt cake with a light lemon glaze.

* Red Velvet Cupcakes* – Moist red velvet cake with creamy cream cheese frosting.

* ‘Nana Pudding – Creamy smooth banana pudding with layers of fresh bananas and nilla® wafers.

*Red Velvet Cupcakes are 1 dozen for $36
*Sweet Potato Pies are 2 for $40

To Order Call or Email
Delivery starts at $10 in the LA area

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