February 21, 2024

Street Pressure is a multimedia entertainment network focussed on bringing people together through the marketing, promotion and production of a wide variety of artist in many different styles, genres, regions and demographics. “Credibility thru association” and “Similarities over differences” are reccuring themes in the Street Pressure music series. Considered a “refferal service” by many, Street Pressure allows exclusive access to; recording and preproduction stuios, mixtape websites, producers(from up and coming to multi platinum), managers, booking agents, television programmers, internet radio programmers,film music supervisors, cd, mp3 and dvd sales, product development, video production, direction, camera crews, photographers, barbers, hair dressers, stylist, designers, promoters, graph artist, artist, dancers, models, smokeshops, retail stores, conventions, carshows, webdesigners, record pools, magazines, stripclubs, bars, advertisers and many other valuable resources.

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