July 17, 2024

J*DaVeY is a multi-genre duo from Los Angeles, CA whose sound can be described as a combination of alternative hip hop, alternative rock,soul, electronica, fusion, jazz, punk, funk, new wave and R&B futurists. The group was formed by female vocalist Briana Cartwright (who performs under the name Jack Davey) and male producer Brook D’Leau when they were introduced by a mutual friend in high school. Jack Davey was exposed to classic jazz and hints of late seventies jazz fusion before being introduced to eighties R&B and the new sound of hip-hop music. By the time she relocated to Los Angeles at the age of 8, she landed a spot in an all-girl singing group that signed to MCA Records. The group never ended up releasing any material. Brook D’Leau was surrounded by new wave and pop-rock sounds by the way of Prince, Radiohead, Talking Heads and The Police. Brook began to create interestingly melodic instrumental tracks in his father’s home studio after school and on the weekends for fun.


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