May 30, 2024

If you are in the Bay area come thru and support the “HoodGames” To explain the movement read a few words from thier website. and be sure to visit them at
“Greeting’s,the Hood Games was created in 2005, in Deep East Oakland !, we are all about bringing positive & uplifting skateboard jams to neighborhoods & communities always showcasing the talents of our youth in Skate, Art, Music, Dance & Fashion. Many Pro-Skateboarders have graced our events including our official Hood Games skate ambassadors Karl Watson & Paul “P-Rod” Rodriguez. We have produced over 19 events in Oakland, San Francisco, Napa, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Long Beach. Hope to see you soon at a Hood Games event.”


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  1. Wow, its great that Street Pressure is supporting the community along with artist and producers. Kids need places like this skatepark. Hopefully from your movement, people can come together and combine resources to save our youth.

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