May 30, 2024

What is, or better yet, who is 2ndHustle? 2ndHustle is a strong independent street smart clothing line based out of the mean streets of Long Beach , California . Growing up on the east side of Long beach is the true inspiration for 2ndHustle clothing. But no matter where you’re from it’s easy to relate to the phrase, “WE REPRESENT THE STRUGGLE, THE STRIVE AND THE OUTCOME”. Growing up in a City filled with negative images such as, gang violence, drugs, prostitution and poverty, you soon come to the realization that the only way to make it out of it’s so called traps is to, accept life and strive for greatness no matter what the odds are. You must dedicate your life into turning those negative images into positive images with positive outcomes. The name 2ndHustle comes from the realization that the only way to make it out of the slums and above middle class is to have more than one income. True, the doctor who owns a Real Estate company, to the lawyer whose small corporation owns a used car dealership, all the way to the actors and actresses who own business establishments throughout Hollywood ….These are true examples of 2ndHustlers. We represent the common man who works his 9 to 5 as a trash man by day, but owns the car wash on the corner, the liquor store owner who owns the run down dough nut shop next door, down to that beautiful young girl who is a straight “A” student in college, but also strips at night to pay her bills. We will be the first to represent that life style truly. Never judge a book by its cover.


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