July 17, 2024

MsFranchi$e is the C.E.O and founder of The Sadiddy Chicz. We are a class of women who are goal orientated and focused-ambition is a must!!!! Sadiddy Chicz will embrace pride, diversity, cultivate strength, and passion to align our personal life and our professional life. We believe you have to know what you want in order to get it …Society call us “Sadiddy” because we never settle for less, we don’t want it if its not brand new. We will always routine our way to the top in the most classiest matter. So if you know you are a top notch chic with your priorities together come and grow with us. As we stack currency and dominate these streets with high qualities such as Beauty, Brains, Style, and Integrity.luv…MsFranchi$e


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